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Our KNU Income Project v1. is suspended for now, until futher notice. making sure to bring better service. Thank you

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HOWTOs. Download our App
Kenyans247 app is an application for android mobile devices that allows you to access Kenyans247 services.
You can download the App. from or Goggle App Store.

Once you have downloaded and installed the App on your mobile device, you are required to register by doing "sign up" or you can use the app without sign up as a guest without full access to perform certain tasks

You can sign up / register for premium affiliate service that will give you access to our premium services that will allow you to earn / make money online to pay using PesaPal services , M-PESA (Kenya, Safaricom) and Paypal.
You can pay for Premium Membership on Kenyans247 using available payment gateways on our site.
You will receive a message for the transaction Please keep this untill your registration is confirmed on Kenyans247.
If your topup doesnt reflect, please forward the message from safaricom or Pesapal to our support number 0791890826 or email and one of our agents will check for you.

For any assistance, please contact us.

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